Hey There!

I'm Jess

I’m a professional third wheel who enjoys documenting every couple’s unique love story! Get ready for an endless amount of laughter, “The Office” quotes, and watching me attempt to reenact every couple pose I give you, by myself! I pride myself on being a personal hype man and your biggest cheerleader in life, so ARE YOU READY TO DO THIS?

But first ...veils
But first ...veils


“Jessica is a must have photographer”

“She is seriously amazing at what she does and you will not regret hiring her!! Not to mention all the pictures came out unbeliev- able!! She even sent us sneak peak photos from our wedding within hours that night which was totally unexpected and such a great surprise!!…”

Why I do what I do

I want you to feel


I became a photographer to show people how truly beautiful they really are! It breaks my heart when people and couples tell me that they are “un-photogenic” or “awkward”…they aren’t. They just haven’t had a photographer who can capture them correctly.

I am here to make you realize you are perfect just the way you are and I strive to reflect that in your photos! So if you are ready for the most fun that you’ve ever had at a photo shoot, click below!

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